• dev_yash 10w

    Only wanted a little love
    All my efforts were in vain,

    Healed so much just for what?
    Just to end up broken hearted again!

    Wasn't my Love pure enough?
    That you had to bring me heavy rain...

    The doors for You to my heart are shut!
    You succeeded at making me Insane.


    Days were Blue, now they're Grey...
    You left my heart with a stain,

    The darkness You created seems so bright,
    I just want freedom from these invisible chains.

    I begged You to Stay...
    But all I got was just Pain, Pain... and Pain.

    You chose to leave right?
    So darling...
    I warn you to Never Come Back again.


    #again #heartbreak #love #brokenhearted #brokenquotes

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