• lastofthedyingrose 22w

    Last of the dying rose

    Look at what you done to me
    Do you even care, care to see the tears run down my eyes
    I guess it don’t matter
    All that matters is how you feel
    Each day as life past me by I feel apart of me
    Breaking apart! I tried to reach out to you
    But you ignored me and that even hurt me more
    I don’t even see the use of keep going on
    This will be the end
    Nobody cares anyway if I was here or gone
    Because if anyone cared they would have cared years ago
    I said this once and once is all you going get
    I’m sick of silently crying of pain
    I’m sick of being forced to keep a silent mouth
    I’m sick of being sick!!!!
    I held onto to so many Secrets for years
    I’m use to the pain that beats me down daily
    That I’m numb from the inside and outside
    The images that remains in my head
    From being abused physically
    That emotionally I’m fucked up
    But I hide it so well ,
    You can never tell if I’m going crazy or just sane
    Either way the truth will come out soon
    And when it does I will still feel that numbness and emptiness because everyone will still ignore the pain I shed.
    I’m the last dying rose 🥀 once the last petal on my rose fall that’s the last of me.