• ayrafaith 5w


    They say life is a roller coaster,
    She didnt want to be signed on the roaster,
    All her life she had decisions made for her,
    Now she has to do it and balance it for her,
    Does she feel prepared for the huge task?
    Not really,its not easy when she knows the risk.

    All she wants is to be the girl next door,
    Have the small things life throws on the floor,
    Not to struggle every moment she wakes up,
    To give,share and have it overflow from her cup,
    To shout when angry,
    To eat without judgement when hungry.

    These things may not matter,
    Because humanity has been reduced to no matter,
    All she sees is hidden agendas and conspiracy,
    She may be wrong but who isnt feeling the hypocrisy,
    Survival for the fittest he says,
    But she just wants to smile at the rays.