• zia_shah 10w

    Be oblivious to the voice

    Chase your dreams before you wake up
    Before you wake up and realise,
    That you actually never went to sleep,
    That you were always awake and trapped,
    Trapped in a dream which turned out,
    Later to be a nightmare.
    A nightmare, you saw with open eyes,
    Your open eyes and the darkness wrapped around each other,
    In the darkness there comes a voice,
    A voice of accusation, followed by another voice of expectation, and then comes a voice of reminder,
    A reminder of a broken promise,
    A promise which you actually never made..
    All the four elements together,
    Forces you down and pulls you back,
    So, chase your dreams before you wake up,
    Before you wake up from your sheer determination,
    Your sheer determination to succeed...
    Your success will be enough,
    To push all of them back.
    Your smile will bring enough,
    brightness to clear the dark....
    You have cried more than
    Your fair share of tears,
    You have faced more than
    Your fair share of fears.....
    Your happiness is the only
    thing that matters,
    Because it's the best weapon
    To kill all your haters.