• alextheft 5w

    Melancholy of art

    Graffiti or in frame,
    What prodigy comes with shame,
    Is it the artist,
    Whose hands couldn't
    Repaint the paint book,
    Or he just wouldn't,
    Is that of a thinker,
    Whose mind won't allow,
    To rewrite the written,
    Or he just couldn't bow,
    Writer of a soul,
    Whose ink wouldn't spill,
    For given conclusion
    Would cost his will,
    Ti's that of a genius,
    Whose knowledge won't come,
    With that of plastic words,
    Or a set of solved sum,
    Who stands in the frame,
    Or is barred to the walls,
    What exactly is the exception,
    Between that on roads or in halls.