• sumathi 10w


    Old phones had a brain,
    But we didn't call them smart,
    For days their power didn't drain,
    They had a brave heart!

    SMS was the best,
    To share a few lines,
    For even simple texts,
    Press the keys umpteen times.

    While replying to a friend,
    Our thoughts overflowed,
    Abbreviations were the trend,
    We typed like morse code!

    That's when you became U,
    Yes became S,
    And too became 2,
    It's funny English remix!

    Smileys had colon eye:
    And a Hyphen for its nose-
    Open Bracket makes it cry(
    So we chose the one that close:-)

    It's the age of smart phones,
    We text at lightening speed!
    Lot of emojis to choose,
    Yet we don't find what we need!