• abhimanyu_17 5w


    Why did it happen?

    Why you came to my life?
    If you had to go..

    Why you saw me and smiled?
    I smiled back, although...

    Why that simple 'hey' from you felt so nice?
    I dont know

    Whenever i saw you,
    Why i got a sudden push in my heartbeat?

    Why Everytime while listening to any song..
    Your face pooped up in my mind.

    Why i often overreacted in your presence

    Why did I started taking intrest
    In your interests..?!

    Why i supported every act of yours,
    Even if they were wrong...

    Why every act of yours used to impact
    Me so much..!

    Why you seem so far?
    Why did you go..!

    N..even if you are gone..
    Why you come again n again in my thoughts..