• ayanda 34w

    By Ayanda Mukandatsama

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    I am the backbone
    Nurturing, StrengtheningĀ 
    Heart of Gold
    This tribe needs me

    You rely on me , darling
    As I grace the room with laughter
    All the light that surrounds me
    Welcome home
    I am home
    I feel like, home
    I have followed my intuition
    I know you want your favourite meal

    Father of the tribe
    I don't have the pail on my head today
    But I have your battles on my head
    You never want to let go of these hands
    The healing that comes out with every word fromĀ these lips
    This magic, This mind
    The hands that have gone to war
    They feed you

    I love the way you look at our tribe
    As you carry on day after day
    The invisible scars and bruises
    Overwhelmed but upwards you go
    Now eat well, be strong
    For tommorow, the tribe will look up to you
    Again, King
    I am Love
    I am the backbone
    This tribe