• bloodsweatandtears 6w

    Forbidden Love

    Did you know that our brains can’t tell the difference between real, and fictional people?
    It's silly really, because that means we can fall completely, and utterly in love with someone, who’s not even real.

    It's a different kind of pain.
    A raw, itchy pain, that seeps deep into your soul.
    One that leaves you hollowed out inside.

    A longing for a love that can never be.

    The ache to feel their touch, hear their soft whisper against your neck.
    To know everything there is to know about them.
    Explore them in every way possible.
    Trace every line on their hand, memorize the tiny cracks in their voice, pinpoint every detail.

    But even after all that, all that pain, all that longing, they’ll never love you back.
    How could they?

    They’re not even real.