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    10th October:World Mental Health Day

    Physical Wound Is A Wound On Skin And Bones,
    But A Mental Wound Is A Wound On Heart And Soul.

    And Now The Story Begins:

    We Consume This Antidepressants,
    Like Nuts Or Grams Or Handy Eatables.
    It Initially Starts With A Clonazepam Or Alprazolam,
    Then For Atleast A Weak,
    The Hangover Lasts For More Than 6-8 hrs,
    And Then Serotonin Producing Antidepressant Of 225 Mg,
    Then 60 Mg Of Atomoxetine For Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Which Is A Disorder Of Impulsiveness, Impatience, Extremely Short-Temperedness.
    Then 300 Mg Anti Suicidal And Anti-Schizophrenic Quetiapine.

    Some Go Through Electric Impulses Of 1.5 Volts In Electro Compulsive Therapy.
    Some Go Through Rigorous Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And Counselling.
    Some Have Multiple Thought Disorder Or The Disorder Of Perfectionism Called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

    Some Or Better Say Many Experience Huge Weight Gain,
    Total Destruction Of Day To Day Routine.

    Things Aggravate So Much Due To Small Actions Of Family, Society, Friends And Relatives.

    And Each And Every Small Incidents Of Mental Torture Or Immense Pressure Or Cheating,
    Leaves A Grave Wound In Heart And Soul.

    If That Person Gathers Enough Support, Positivity, Understanding And Courage,
    Then Well And Good, He Gets Well Sooner.

    In Near Future,
    You Might Find Them Getting Isolated From You,
    Hanging From Fan,
    Getting Cut Into Pieces In Railway Track.