• a_random_girl 51w

    Grey Musings

    A grey freckled hair, danced down her sagging cheeks.

    The coffee steamed hot and the air seduced it's way through the aroma of Coco beans.

    Her beady eyes dropped down their usual dull and embraced a shiny glint.

    She was back in her twenties.

    A bottled up essence- she called herself.

    For who ever she met, a little essence of her in them , she left.

    Beautiful for some she was,
    For some, just an ordinary lass.

    For one ,she was stupid
    For the other his only Cupid.

    She often got lost in her quest ,
    For she was seeking her best.

    People , confused.

    Her mind travelled,
    To find solutions that unravelled.

    When time had slowed down for her,
    And memories of the past turned to a lump of thick mist.
    What remained were the people and their lives in a gist.

    Her journey had led her long ,
    But the question still remains untold- her identity is still unknown.

    Time stopped.

    She led a sigh.

    In her moment she saw a gleam, a beautiful Halo , what it seemed.

    A sudden answer came into her dwelling.

    She is the essence that all those people carry, and will.

    She is the collection of the essence that she left in them.