• zehcaira 23w

    I watch
    as good days
    board on the hands
    of my clock,
    chanting songs
    in the beat
    of tick tock,
    I keep my eyes
    on them,
    for no one knows
    how long
    will they stay,
    but sure enough
    they are just passengers,
    and I am a train,
    that quickly turns
    to memories
    after I was abandoned,
    dreading those seconds
    that turn to stations
    where they get off,
    and especially
    the end station,
    where everyone left,
    and new passengers
    taking the same
    but reversed,
    I was destined
    to reminisce
    good days
    over and over,
    or to come back
    to hell hole
    how far I wander.