• pavitraahir 10w

    Moon leaves when its time for morning, and so do sun to let the night set. So does in life some ppl leaves to let others come. Thus, everyone has meaning and reason while they enter and exit ur life. But our part is to live fully with whosoever is present. Inside of being mournful for what left lets our heart dance with what is there at every moment. There is beauty in everything in light, in darkness, in rain, in bright days. Without dark days we wouldn't know the value of good days. Even broken days are proof of how tough you are to handle the worst, problems come to one who is looking forth to successful days. Low key days come with the gift of experiences, lessons, courage, and much more. So, why to cry over something which is gifting us so many invaluable things instead let's give a Hi-Fi to whatever it is and gets the best of it.

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    The sky is the proof, one needs to leave to let another set, but the real truth is to cheer whatever sets.