• _pavithanra_ 20w

    The Journey For Diwali !!!

    When we stay excited for that One Day
    As we announced it Officially to all our
    School Mates and Neighborhood
    With our Mouth being the loudest Loud Speaker
    Sometimes it happens at a planned day
    At times happens on an unplanned day
    When Appa counts the amount of cash to be taken
    When Amma packs food and water for us
    We get ready with high expectations
    That Prestigious Seat Fight with my Brother
    In Appa's Costly Scooter
    And as his pretty princess
    I get that seat underneath his Face
    As the engines vibrates
    We are all ready for the take off ...
    My eyes focusing only on that one Route
    To our favorite Shopping Shop
    Neither the Toy Shops Nor the Food Shops
    Clouds filled with Cool Sun Rays
    Roads filled with Pleasant Traffic Horns
    The sound of Appa's Fast Heart Beat
    Hears during our Silent Prayer
    To get the Best Beautiful Design of our Choice ...

    To Be Continued !!!