• souryadeepghoshal 23w

    Left alone.

    And it sucks, it sucks when I do the best I can to stay by you and lift you up to the farthest horizons that I can.
    Times when you're sick, helpless and out of your mind.
    Only to see you go away from me to someone else.

    There isn't a moment when I look at your face, or see your picture that my heart's filled with joy and I laugh instinctively and I just can't help myself to resist it.
    Every time I see you in toil with yourself, I won't be able to keep myself away from you and bring you to the best of your potentials, and love you to the best of my abilities but that comes with something else too.
    That irresistible emotional pain that you won't stay by me when I will be in need of you the most.