• chefredbear 4w

    Be My Moonlight

    To be loved would be such sweet bliss.........
    Like running through golden fields of grain with the innocence of a child. No worries, just the magic of that moment consuming every emotion and filling me with simple sweet joy.
    Like watching the waves crash against the shore of the Pacific, rolling in from deep across the ocean. Traveling thousands of miles just to end up at our feet, a distance so far it should be insurmountable, yet like love finds a way despite all odds.
    Like watching snow fall in the mountains, every flake another person we've once met in our lives. Then seeing two perfectly falling snowflakes meet one another and melt together in a way that seemed impossible from where they first formed in the sky.
    Like the way the moonlight breaks through a stormy evening. Hard to make out at first but fully illuminated as the clouds pass and the moons radiance breaks through. It's always been there but needed to weather the storm to show it's true nature.
    To be loved would heal each tattered end of this broken heart.
    Yet to love someone again, to kiss with the passion of a collection of love stories, to speak romances with the tongue of a thousand poets, to shudder at the touch of a warm embrace just once more......that would be heaven.