• gautampegu 10w


    Its been a long time away,
    Away from this society
    Have been sleeping for months,
    But these times now they are changing.

    I had a dream.
    Politics taking over like it has always been
    Well it was always there, like we haven't seen?
    Now, I know these are hard times.
    And it won't be easy.
    I can't sing a song, so I will recite this piece.
    But the ones who need to hear this
    They won't get to read this. Please !
    Cause they have been drowning for too long.
    Equality? That's still prolonged.
    The times they are changing.
    What's living when there's no land?
    But the suits and ties, they still pretend.

    Now don't look up to me.
    Rather, look at yourself.
    Kindness has always been the key.
    Yet, we swim in hypocrisy.

    One shouldn't be blamed for where and how they are born.
    Some are rich and some are poor
    Some goes to the maszid and some to temples.
    So when you say fuck their religion and fuck their class,
    Should they blame their parents for why they are born
    and what's the rush?
    We live young, we die free.
    Don't look at these words and try to find me.
    Enlighten your vision.
    Maybe you will find a reason.
    To not fight for your rights,
    Rather fight for them.
    And they will fight for you,
    Like you revolve around each other
    And maybe that's what they call the great revolution.
    Ideas will come and ideas will go.
    What you believe now will never be shown.
    At the end,
    We will only be consumed by time.
    I will wrap it up here.
    Some things are better without a rhyme.