• _girl_on_fire_ 4w

    Precious love. ��

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    He looked into my eyes
    unlike all the fake guys.
    He asked me if I was fine
    and I started crying like I was just nine.
    Oh, how lucky I am to call him mine!
    I can't believe he listens to me even when I whine.
    I was a princess in search of her lost crown
    until my prince came to save me,
    pulling me out from the upside down.
    I realize I've changed because of you.
    I would have still been broken if it weren't for you.
    You picked up the pieces and put me back together.
    You filled a girl with loads of love
    and you filled her life with loads of luck.
    What more could I want from you, my love?
    Nothing but your precious love.