• aimira 9w

    Do you ever feel tired about me?
    Or something that we can't get used to be?
    My eyes were so puffy, like it was stung by a bee
    Or maybe its hurts so much, when you were with me?

    I'm sorry for getting in your life
    But it's not that i pushed it right?
    You said that I will pray for your faith
    I hope you could pray for me not to lose myself before its too late

    I'm always like this you know how was it?
    It was like enduring all of this but I know where to sit
    Not in your side, but in God's feet
    Where I need to trust him so that we will meet

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    You were always right, and i was low
    You were always positive, and for me its a no
    You were to happy, while i was sad so
    You were my one, but I also need to grow