• __ananya__ 10w


    And after I'm gone they will say they'll miss me
    And now when I am alive they won't even try to fix me
    "Hey, how are you?" are just mere questions
    To get their work done is always their real intention
    We are there for you is what they say
    But when you need them they don't even have an interest on you to pay
    "Yeah bffs forever " their mouth agrees with a smile
    But with time's play you'll know
    The extent to which they were fragile
    "I love you" is just a cover
    For the sins they committed
    That you should never discover
    Desperation is the word they would use
    With their social media life
    They would get the real one confused
    "You are just overthinking all these" they'd say
    "Wait let us think together for a solution" are the words that would have served the right way
    Just a question with sincerity and warmth
    Would have filled our hearts with love and charm
    But , afterall, they find it a fun game
    To make people feel ashame
    To always make people have themselves blame
    Of who they are and what they have
    Coz this world's just a hyprocrites' cave !!