• kalpanasaxena 6w

    Chai ka Shorba

    Long back in eighties, whenever I visited one of my neighbour, I had become so used to of hearing her instruction to put water for tea on gas stove with ajwain along with other accompaniments, of course. And the very idea of putting ajwain in tea ,made meeee, (such an ardent lover of tea ),that too on a chilli day , feel absolutely declined even to gulp it down my gullet, to sip and enjoy it sip by sip, being a far far cry, while the little devil in my mind every time mused - why to discriminate with the other residents of Spice-box as well, let there be turmeric powder, dhania powder and some chilli powder too to ward off chilli ness of weather weather ,why shouldn't we enjoy hot ♨️ spicy Chai ka Shorba ,rather.