• robwjeter 6w

    Two daffodils were singing in the breeze.
    Flowing beautifully together with ease.
    The voices fresh after a long spring rain.
    Dancing to the sound that the wind did bring.

    One did sing the tenor of the angels.
    The other in bass, a different angle.
    Together, the opus of the sunshine.
    The grass bows in awe as they take a knee.

    The singing lasts until the sun went down.
    Happily smiling as nothing was brown.
    Life was as colorful as a rainbow.
    An inspiration for the words that day.

    The two daffodils did rest that cool night.
    Leaning on each other, no reason to fight.
    Giving each other a hug and a kiss.
    May not have tommorow, but enjoyed today.

    #poetrywednesday #ceesreposts

    Picture credit to owner.

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