• moja_dusza 10w

    Life is here.

    Words tear into my heart,
    Into my soul,
    As you go on,
    And speak your mind.
    You talk about me,
    Like I'm not standing right there,
    Like I don't exist,
    I should've been prepared.
    Life can get cold,
    And ugly.
    But life,
    Is also the most wonderful experience
    Any of us will ever have.
    Because we only have one.
    Life, is filled with love laughter,
    Heartache and tears.
    Life is a disaster worth surviving.
    So I choose to survive,
    And experience life,
    All the heartache and pain,
    All the smiles and kisses.
    Because life is full of ups and downs,
    And I wanna end on a high note.
    So tears of sadness,
    And tears of joy,
    Can both come to my door.
    I welcome them.
    Because both build strength,
    And character.
    So as we live in this disaster,
    Remember to smile,
    Because life is here,
    While it's here.