• aghoraa 10w

    The Dent of Existence

    We didn't have water today.
    Or power.
    I almost crashed into a bus,
    Because I wanted the metal
    To feel the impact of my bike.
    Maybe put in a nice dent or two.
    The driver never noticed me.
    Never saw me coming.
    I braked at the last second
    Because I saw a little girl
    On the window seat
    With a little lollipop in her mouth.
    I braked,
    And I let the bus pass.
    I had a nice cold shower.
    My body felt mine, again.
    I punched the wall after I got out, though.
    I want a dent or two somewhere.
    I left a soap opera in the dent,
    And jumped out, singing, whistling.
    I shredded the effeminate man
    Along with my clothes,
    And put on my best masculinity.
    I'm glad I didn't put a dent in the bus, now.
    I am a man made of dents, little ones and big,
    And I have more soap operas
    Than all the lollipops in the world