• nhe_ffy 6w

    I take a step but it feels I took nothing
    I retreated and it felt like I fell
    Taking another again everything still looks the same
    Retreating back felt worse
    This time I took two and I moved
    Smiling,at least I'm progressing
    I took one now, something feels different like a change
    So i take another but I didn't move
    Deciding to take two steps like I did before , I noticed I moved
    So I took another two again and still moved
    Looking back to see how far I've gone
    I noticed that I moved farther with two steps
    So with determination I took another two
    I kept taking two and got to my destination
    Success doesn't come easily, you have to keep trying to move forward
    If a step draws you back all you have to do is take more with determination