• mirkaz_manzoor 23w

    After coming in my soul,
    It was you, a healer.
    Your fondness soaked all my wounds.
    The words blew life.
    The touch felt divine.
    I was living again, but;
    The plain talk is, i was always a free will to you;
    The word 'priority' is miles so far.
    Thou want, not interrogates for a certain,
    Only the logic is, i may get hurt.
    No need to show this kinda sympathy.
    There is always freedom from my side,
    Have to accept your arrangements, so why?
    I may fill up the blank page which is;
    Unseen, unlinked, unnoticed.
    After all i am going to remain same ;
    As it was crushed and thrown into nowhere.