• three65 10w

    As life's light Dims:

    Wildfire rages outta control
    Contrast to a controlled camp-fire
    Consuming Combustibles
    & Cannabis Contraband
    Anything in its path
    Take more than fire-fighting gear
    & a breathing apparatus mask
    To combat inner-turmoil fed by
    The fire that rages inside
    Rises in increments centigrade
    Until melting point Fahrenheit
    Denotes Denigrate
    Enters mind .....infiltrate
    Hard to douse the flames
    Of doubt
    Mrs Doubtfire
    A suitable partner for a "Doubting Thomas"
    No Doubt !
    Halal Beef Tzatziki dip with falafel & Hummus
    Whilst Sunni Islamist Fundamentalist Amass
    Mass graves like that of Chernobyl
    Argued out in the 'Courts of The Hague
    Flamed BBQ beef-jerky inflamed terrorist tempers
    Why ....we put down 'Rabid-Dogs' with Distemper
    Why not terrorist 'Rag-Heads' in Afghanistan or Baghdad ?