• _ujjj_ 6w

    How does one even decide whom to ask a question?
    People will answer according to their opinions, beliefs & experiences which may not be true for you.
    Eg-Want to Smoke?
    Ask a
    Doctor: Nope.
    Smoker: Yes Why not!
    Teacher: Don't do it.
    Drug Addict: You should try it!
    Athlete:Nope again.
    Peddler: Go for it!
    Lover: Don't need that.
    Heartbroken: Yes.
    Mostly, you will know what you want & just want to hear that from someone else.
    You'll try & find the person you know would say that.
    So choose your 'answer-er' wisely.

    So what is the answer?
    Whatever you decide-is.