• trippingonecstasy 10w

    Love Roulette

    Maybe it's over and I freed her coz she's doesn't want me to see her even when I m not with her she want me to die and leave earth.
    I got some issues ,maybe I was the tissue coz only when she cries she need me oh such a misuse
    Did I ask too much ? to kiss her and to touch
    She was not into such kinda roman-tic love
    She was like a tornado with so much dust
    Now she's exposin , openin her like she is about to explod and trying to be cooler than Antarctic breeze
    She wanna outshine me like husk and the seed
    All on a contrary , shes about to ruin me .
    She makin dishes and postin stories for people to see
    She maybe the god's favourite, must be the traitor
    She living up like she is the queen of aladin
    Cam click background change lemme take a pic first
    Oh it's insane how you be doin this when you know I miss
    From the past couple of days .
    You just don't wanna talk don't even wanna try you just wanna hangout and fuck me up with the goodbyes
    Coz I was the rock that pushes you deep now I m away you all set free
    Go make your profile up change the bio and tell the world you single now reply every dm oh yes coz I don't like anyone before this happened
    Your friends sayin you deserve a medal to leave the one who doesn't even got a pedal the one who don't know to make you proud
    He is dead ass coz pot make his head burst out
    I was a shit I did some not but some intentionally
    But as long as I have you by my side I m doin good mentally
    I would gone for now I all I do want you to leave
    We ain't good together we won't go no future ahead
    These words you say will ring my ears
    till I m dead