• quotesbrim 10w


    The night was young with a bit of tenderness in my throat,
    My heart gliding all along, overemphasizing what I felt.

    My physique was asleep, but my thoughts kept operating.
    I appeared alright, but was was in search of light.

    And before you can say knife,
    A knock on the door, late at night.

    My chest started drubbing, the sweat on my forehead marched through my audacity.
    I felt nothing and heard every organ of mine screaming out of fear.

    Gathering all my courage my legs shifted,
    I held the latch and rotated my destiny.

    A breathtaking taking thud, kind of displaced my heart,
    Everything was like a dream, a protracted dream.

    My entire wealth drained in just a split second,
    My life was of no value to that cruel crook.

    All we wanted was bread and bucks.