• mistyeyes 6w

    It's 6am. The creak of dawn is faintly visible. Blue sky dotted with those white clouds and the red hibiscus outside my window, portrait a breezy day. Warm bed and cozy sheets made me a cocoon.

    Birds chirping, busy day for them. Need to flex the wings, brief splash in the puddle, brush feathers, set eyes on that worm, build a home, nest, feed and teach them fly.

    I felt the breath on my shoulder and turned to see my mom asleep but disturbed with frequent jerks. White streaked hair neatly tied up in a bun. Her brush still has those strands of hair from yesterday.

    In about 15 minutes she will be asked for, yelled at, rushed hither and thither, cooked meals, fed us then left fed up and tired. Hair frenzy and sweat drops glistening, she will bade me a good day

    Neither the feathers nor the hair are brushed anymore.

    #mom @writersnetwork, @miraquill, #love #mirakee

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    Her wings were hidden
    If she flew away
    All will be left forgotten
    Even for the past...