• sky1502 5w

    The Suicide

    There I was, lying on the floor, still. Still. Nothing I saw was ever so still like that body of mind today. What happened? Why am I so still and how can I look at myself when I am not conscious? Wait!! Am I dead? Holy shit. The realization struck me hard. I am dead. Suddenly a stream of emotions started running in front of my eyes. All the things I couldn't do. All the things I never said. Shit. I can do nothing anymore. Even in that state, I was struggling for breath. Don't ask me why. I don't know. Suddenly someone came in the room. Running. She was crying. She screamed when she looked at my still body. She sat down on her knees. She couldn't stop crying. I tried to reach out to her. I couldn't. I don't exist now. It was her. The person I loved the most. Aashi, I called out. Nothing. Even in this state she looked beautiful. I was sad to have made her cry. But this would be the last time I assessed. Suddenly something crossed my mind. How did I die? And how did she know something happened to me? We never talk anymore. I live alone. Who could have told her. I looked around, I saw the phone, still on call. Her name was still showing at the top. Aashi. I killed myself. It was the only possible explanation. And I called her for one last time. Shit, I shouldn't have called her. She never had to know. She doesn't deserve this. Everything was gone. The things I wanted to do with her. The life I wanted to have. The happiness I wanted to share with her. Gone. Everything, just gone. You say, afterlife may be good? Afterlife is darkness. A darkness so dark it will consume you with your regrets and your emotions and the memories you left behind. I was fading out. Her beautiful presence was going away from my eyes. I was going away. Into the darkness. Limbo. It's all I will have now. As I faded, I wished that someday, she forgets this picture and find the happiness she always deserved. Someday, somewhere, she could be happy again. I called out her name for the last time. And in that one final moment, she looked up as if she was looking at me. She called out, "Gagan?". I was happy now. Dying with her by my side was the best thing I could have asked for. Goodbye.