• raghav_bumb 9w

    At the breakfast table
    watching my cornflakes go soft.
    "I'm numb"
    Pulling off my clothes
    crying in front of my reflection.
    "In pain"
    Sitting in class
    thinking of the people I've forgotten.
    "I'm slipping"
    Lost for the third time
    on the same footpath.
    "My past cements itself as my future"
    Walking back home
    with pain in my neck and strain in my shoulder.
    "I know they're all watching me"
    Listening to my roommates
    laugh together in the kitchen.
    "I'm fading"
    Stepping over the pile of laundry and food boxes
    to go lock the door for the 4th day in a row.
    "I'm depressed again"
    You see me sitting alone in the restaurant,
    how are you? You ask.
    "I'm doing just okay."