• w_ikenna 6w

    We always looked forward to happily ever after
    Had a lot in common, almost all choices were same
    You said you'd pick me over a hot dish of pasta
    As you were first before C.O.D and any soccer game
    We walked down the streets while I held your hand
    Glad you were my lady and I was your man
    In the beach, we wrote our names in the sand
    Then to the shore, gleefully we ran
    A lot was said, promises were made
    Guess for every sunrise, there is always a sunset
    Who knew just as the sunset, our love will fade?
    Like erosion, never knew our love would fret
    You broke my heart, then went away
    Took with you the joy and excitement
    Can't help but stop reminiscing about things you say
    As I piece together the heart you left in fragments