• dawdlermitty 10w

    I remember you.

    your arrival was a puzzle to me.
    who are you, really?
    why does it feel like
    i know you already?

    i was completely baffled.
    serene nights unsettled
    with shapeless thoughts
    about the feeling of comfort
    you've brought.

    and then i realized,
    some people are destined
    to cross paths with you.
    and sometimes,
    wishes do come true.

    and so now,
    i finally remember.

    i remember having
    with the moon
    about you.
    i remember waiting
    for you.

    i remember you.

    'cause you were
    the dandelions i blew,
    every mp songs i listened to,
    and the last page of my 2017 journal
    that few people knew.

    you were the something
    i was waiting for
    since eighteen.