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    Vampire Boys Of Summer

    34: OMG What’s Your Name?

    Mom was home. Her car had been in the drive. We heard the television in her room. I really didn’t want to get into any long discussions with her, and certainly not when I had a friend over, so we both tiptoed upstairs to avoid her hearing us. As we neared my room, I held my hand out and stopped Angela. The bathroom was across the hall just a few feet away, and the shower was running.

    “Um, hey Haru,“ I called out. “When you are done, please don’t come out…I mean cover up. We have company.”

    There was no answer. The water was still running. I wasn’t sure if he heard me or not. “Haru,“ I called, just a little louder this time. “We have company. Be sure to dress properly.”

    The water shut off. I heard the shower door slide open on its rail. I held my breath, hoping my new boyfriend, if that’s what he was, had heard me. I saw his shadow pass across the door as he stepped into the hall, a towel draped around his midsection. I gasped, as did Angela. It wasn’t Haru.

    Ryo stood before us, dripping wet, and wearing nothing but a towel. “What do you mean by dress properly?” he asked, a sly grin creasing his face.

    “Ryo, what the hell do you think you are doing!?”

    He smiled. “Just thought I’d take a shower while I was waiting for you. Your mom said it was okay.”

    “Well, it’s not okay with me!”

    “It’s fine with me,“ Angela muttered, and Ryo noticed her for the first time. He frowned. From his expression, I could tell he was hoping I’d arrive alone.

    “Ryo, this is my friend Angela. Angela, Ryo. He’s Haru’s cousin.”

    She was staring at his naked chest and chocolate abs. His Loveless tattoo held her transfixed. She was a tat lover for sure.

    “Oh hi,” he said, though it was easy to tell he wasn’t as impressed with her as she was with him. She was making it pretty clear her thoughts were caught somewhere between kissing his chest or thrusting hers towards him. To my relief, she thrust her hand out instead.

    “Cool to meet you,“ she said. “Nora has told me all about you.” She gave me a look that appeared to be scolding me for keeping Ryo a secret.

    The vampire boy looked at her hand as if it were an alien thing, but when she didn’t take it away, he took her hand in his and shook it. Of course, that meant he had to let go of one corner of his towel. It just happened to be the corner that held it all together. The towel dropped on the landing before he could grab it. Angela’s hand went to her mouth. I could have sworn she was biting it to keep from squealing in delight.

    I threw my hands over my eyes, but before I did, I saw he was baring all, and I’m not that embarrassed to say it was hard to imagine why he was so loveless. He had a stunning physique, and I guess I should leave it at that. He wasn’t bashful about it, either. At first, he was surprised over losing the towel, but he regained his composure enough to take his good old time retrieving his modesty. In fact, he turned around to pick the towel up, and peeking through my hands I was afforded a look at his butt. I quickly covered my eyes again, but I’m almost sure Angela did not, because I heard her hiss “OMG” somewhere within it all.

    He wrapped the towel around his waist again. “Sorry about that,“ he said in mock innocence, but something told me he wanted me to see him naked. Damn vampire exhibitionist.

    “Don’t be sorry,“ Angela breathed with a heavy sigh. She didn’t say it, but I knew she was thinking he could walk around all day like that and she wouldn’t mind.

    Ryo frowned again. I could tell he was irritated by her attention, and my lack of it. “Let me get my clothes,“ he said. “I’ll just come back later.”

    Now I was irritated. “Much later,“ I mumbled.

    When he had gotten dressed, Ryo returned the bathroom and gave me a quick look. He opened his mouth to say something, then thought better of it. Angela was looking at him in the way most people look at chocolate bars. She could gobble him up in under three bites.

    “I’ll see myself out,“ he said, and started to go down the steps. I guess he didn’t want to take his usual route out the window and let her know he was a vampire.

    Angela, with a desperate look in her eyes, shouted, “Wait!” She headed off after him, and I saw she was pulling her cell out of her back pocket. I wondered what she was up to.

    Ryo stopped on the stairs and turned to her. “What?” he asked. The tone of his voice was agitated, and I was hoping her overbearing nature didn’t result in him losing his patience.

    “Can I take your picture?”


    She wasn’t put off by this in the least. “I can be in it with you,“ she teased with a whisper .

    “Nora has one of me. Get it from her. You can photoshop yourself in it.”

    To me, it seemed this was an insult that meant something like, I am never ever taking a picture with you; But Angela is like a wolf child when she sees something she wants. It’s like all she can hear are the voices in her head. I felt like telling Ryo right then and there, even a handful of rocks wouldn’t make it clear to her that he wasn’t interested. In fact to prove this, Angela raised her cellphone anyway and fired off a quick burst of shots.

    Really irritated now, Ryo smacked the cell out of her hand. “No means no,“ he said. I was going to have to remember that line next time he came over.

    “Ooh, a rough boy,“ Angela said. “I like that.”

    He must have realized the futility of the scene, because he just turned and walked towards the front door. He flung it open and turned back to look at us. “You’re so aggressive, it’s almost cute,“ he said to Angela. “Almost.” Then he turned his eyes on me. I knew them well, for they had nearly seduced me last time he was over. “You Nora…are always beautiful. It would honor me if you would come see me tonight.”

    I wasn’t falling for it this time. I didn’t let those hypnotic orbs lock onto mine for long. “I bet it would,“ I said. “But I have plans.”

    He bit his lip. I’m not sure if it was in anger or desire, for he nodded as if he knew where his competition lay. “Haru,“ he said under his breath. “I see you’re not taking my advice seriously.”

    “I don’t know you well enough to believe it.”

    He let out a little chuckle. “You’ll wish you had listened. But hey, it’s your heartache, not mine.”

    Then he was out the door, leaving me wondering what his problem was with Haru, and leaving Angela so far out of the loop that she turned to me and said, “Did I just fall asleep and miss something?”

    I shrugged. What was I supposed to tell her; that I had two boys competing for me? She’d never believe that one. I found it hard to believe myself. Just then, Angela’s cell started ringing. She jumped at the sound, but I had to laugh. Her ringtone was the theme song from the anime Bludgeoning Angel. If you’ve ever heard it, you’d laugh too, but as she answered it and said hello, she wasn’t laughing at all.

    To Be Continued…

    “Vampire Boys Of Summer” 2018 Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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    Vampire Boys Of Summer 34
    OMG, What's Your Name?

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