• montycristo 5w

    Into the Clouds

    We wonder through the mist
    When we walk to find our path avoiding any turbulence of positive and negative electrons
    Feelings of hot and cold confuses my mind, body and heart to lead me a stray from a path that I rely on fail me with Raindrops falling from my eyes
    I seek for comfort
    I search for the veil of sorrow to release all the anger that dwells deep inside, beyond my wall of defense that I have built brick by brick, moment by moment through pain, sadness, anger and lack of confidence looking for my key to my heart is not hard to find
    All you have to do is ask
    I'll wait for you beyond the colorful array of clouds in the horizon Pass the sunrise and sunset you will find the stairway we seek to begin a new journey up through the clouds...............

    P.S. Inspired by Zach Sobiech aka "CLOUDS