• morrie 10w

    just a wish

    long legs
    long enough to run in a line
    they now complain in front of a circle
    refusing to go around in a round arc
    open mind
    open enough to realize the truth
    in from a bucket full of false corns
    now fails to acknowledge all the gore
    it has turned all of its surrounding into
    smooth palm
    smooth enough to make your cheek
    go red in warmth
    now fails to wash away the stains
    left by the blood gushing out
    of the tear made in my brown skin
    sparkling eyes
    sparkling enough to make the star
    resonate with its frequency
    now searches for the perfect abyss
    to resonate with
    black hair
    black enough to mix in with-
    the darkest of the nights
    now has some invaders from the old castle
    making my head their home
    refusing to go away
    the time slipping through my grasp
    has made me gasp at myself
    So has it made me into a man going down
    the drain with no one left to hold his hand
    i wait here for you
    i fall in these traps just for you
    i suspect if you were just a trap
    if your silence means a yes,
    i would like to believe it with my eyes closed
    at least that way i waited with a reason
    at least that way i can share
    half of my guilt with you
    even if you care no longer
    even if you want to run somewhere far away
    in search of a freedom
    you were searching for,
    up in the morning,
    and down in the day
    neglecting the fact
    that you were my freedom
    that you were the reason
    for me to rise up in the morning
    and making my day worthy enough
    to be called an actual day