• mz_grinnage87 5w


    My insecurities get to me
    Make me backspace on writing about it so negatively 
    Makes me second guess if what I said or what I did was right…
    Or enough…
    Or okay enough to pass for right
    My insecurities don’t like the light 
    Don’t like how light preys on them
    Just like how they prey on my flaws
    My insecurities don’t like me
    Don’t like how those pounds keep adding
    How this hair keeps growing but ain’t growing 
    Don’t like how these teeth ain’t as pearly as tv screens
    How this laugh don’t sound like silver bells 
    How this girl don’t seem too fit with those girls
    And how this fit can’t fit in with those out of fit girls 
    My insecurities can’t stand me
    They remind me every time I pass a mirror
    Look into a camera with no filter
    My insecurities ain’t got no filter 
    Fuck you  
    My insecurities and I are in a love hate relationship
    More like enemies with benefits
    Avoid each other at all cost but always seem to be fucking with each other 
    My insecurities are jealous
    Lead my significant other on 
    Holding my mouth silent
    Won’t let me warn them about the threesome they signed up for 
    She reminds me why they don’t love me
    Why they won’t stay 
    Why they don’t even bother to come my way 
    Again I say, Fuck you  
    They say,  I already did
    I can’t win 
    I get rid of one, two more pop up 
    I spend a lot of time wishing my mentality on this would just grow the fuck up 
    Wishing, another thing I’m insecure about 
    Wishing and knowing damn well that ain’t happening