• sparkling_ 10w

    Lame-_- random
    Srry for mistakes..

    I will be in morgue
    Hey! Adorn my corpse
    With my clothes red
    Don't make your tears shed
    When i will die!

    They will bring my heart out
    My nerves will stop functioning
    My brain will be considered as dead
    But you! Don't make your tears shed
    When i will die!

    Don't cry when i will die!
    I know that tears are only for a while
    But later on don't be fragile

    I know u can..no no
    You will try to burn my all memories
    With my corpse!
    And you will move on,hmm that's good

    but hey listen!
    On some stupid jokes,with some boring things
    Don't forget to remember me
    My memories will make them more interesting!

    On my right hand
    you will see your name
    With a heart and some invisible love
    After seeing that try to move ahead
    Don't make your "show off" tears shed
    When i will die.

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