• tranquility_07 10w

    I know you read my messages
    written clearly on my eyes
    when your's go beyond than gaze;
    wandering and then getting lost in mine's.

    I know you hear my heartbeats,
    which beautifuly blends in with your's.
    I sense you are disturbed and surprised.
    Knowing, how easily I'm able to
    Unveil all the devils you've obscured
    uder your beautiful estate full of lilies and roses.
    How easily, I'm penetrating slowly but deeply
    inside your heart,
    you buried long ago, under those huge plateau of stones and spines.

    I know, you're denying all these enigmatic energy,
    you're already breathing in.
    I know, you're hiding the tremors of Euphoria
    rushing to every part of your body.
    I can feel, you're scared of drowning in the ocean
    of misery all over again.
    I know you're trying but darling,
    you still can't help the redning of your cheeks.

    I'll be honest to you.
    All I want is to read everything you wrote
    in those walls inside of you.
    I want to embrace the demons residing within you.
    I'm just a star wishing to bring light to your darkest nights.
    I'm here to rejoin all those shattered pieces of your heart,
    you left shattered because you didn't want to hear it beat again.
    I want you, to release from the prison of hatred
    this cruel world locked you in.
    I want you to see the mirror again,
    to see the beautiful part of you,
    you never could see.
    All, I want to see is nothing more
    But, just you breathing life all over again.


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