• stardust_charm 5w

    And you dwell in places where
    light troubles to find home.
    In all unspoken words and
    silent verses which scent
    like a nostalgic dawn.
    Where the stars are ready
    to die in the sun's lap without
    any complain.
    Where the past is full of guilt
    and bites your present.
    In all the enchanting indie hymns
    which are long forgotten from
    there playlist.
    In all the dew drops who are in
    imperfect harmony with the leaves.
    In the darkness who is not afraid to
    narrate ecstatic poems left hanging
    in the garden called life.
    In the frozen death that binds your
    heart with grief and pain.
    In those hallways where friends
    turned foe without giving reason.
    In those orange painted sky who
    waits to be loved in the eye of green
    In a finesse of broken art coroneted
    in a dark corner of the room.
    In the buried temptations of wishes
    which never came true.
    In those sadist imagination where
    victory is never celebrated.
    In the touch of those lives
    who feel happy without you.
    In the fiction of reality surrendering
    its corpse to feel alive.
    In the fantasies which taste like death.
    In the stories hidden in there closet.
    In all those secret diaries and wine
    where you are a spark of goodbye.