• the_nocturnal_company 22w


    When I was sixteen, love knocked at my door and said, “I will never leave you.” I smiled. I believed in love. 
    My lover left but love stayed.
    When I grew up, I realized that love was like a caged bird. The more you try to contain it, the harder it strives to fly.
    So, the second girl I loved knocked and cleaned my messed up home. She didn’t just stand at the door but barged in and cleaned up the sadness. She looked at me one day- her eyes brimming with oceans of love and said, “I will never leave you.”
    My heart was a barren land. The first drop of her brimming love gave birth to happiness. I told her that I was a sad man. She told me that she was a happy girl.
    By the time she left, she was a sad girl and I was a sadder man.
    She told me, “You set fire to your own home.”
    I smiled.
    The third girl I loved was a distant lover. We talked of love but never of life. She used to tell me how she wished to feel the warmth of my body. She never asked me if I was warm. 
    One day as we lay in bed, she held me tight and told me, “I will never leave you.”
    She never returned.

    So this morning as I woke up, I felt a sensation of vertigo. The inevitable fall followed. I looked around and found her standing with a cup of coffee. She caressed my hair. Her touch scared me. She reminded me how much I had fallen as I grew up. 
    I loved her anyhow. I looked at her.
    Sadness looked at me and said- “I will never leave you.”
    I smiled.