• tiyasha 30w

    I woke up from my dream and stepped into a place where I saw blood all over. My pulse rate high, I've never been so scared, I heard screams and started walking towards where the voice was coming from. Saw my own self, chained and my organs bruised, my mouth spitting out blood. It was me, I was caged by my own depression.

    I wanted to break free. I ran up to my own body, head spinning, and tried to stop the flow of crimson falling from my own wounds. I pulled at the wrought iron shackles with all my might until my muscles felt like they were about to snap. I cannot free myself. I need help. I need you. Pull me out of my pit of despair, from my own hell. I know it all to well to leave. Help me.

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    I'm chained, I'm put into flames.
    I need you. I need help.
    ~Tiyasha & Joe