• lindie_nkosi 6w

    Dear muse of my romantic poems

    You just have to look at me
    and I will put you first
    Just smile
    and I will ensure that it lasts
    Tell me what makes your soul feel good
    and I will give you my all

    If you break and feel unfixable
    I will hold you in my arms and we will wait for a new technology
    and if it does not come, I will invent it
    trust me, I will repair you

    If you feel that your happiness has died
    We will wait for its ghost
    and together we will question why it has died when I am here
    Maybe beg for it to give me the power to revive it

    I promise to make you forget about your pain
    like the memories of when you were an infant

    But why am I willing to do all of the above?
    Well all of my senses come to life whenever I am around you
    because you are love