• _poetandididntknowit_ 5w

    The world goes round.

    The world,
    what a beautiful place it was and what a beautiful place it could still be.
    A place that as once full of humble, honest and free people.
    But instead is now full of decietful, dishonest and corrupt people.
    A place once a sight for sore eyes, now nothing more than a fountain of lies.
    A place where everything was once free and nothing belonged to anyone.
    But now is controlled by power, greed and most of all money.
    A place where so much history has been made, the good and the bad.
    But mistakes haven't been learned from, it's really quite sad.
    The world could still be a beautiful place, if everyone worked together.
    The environment and the vibe would be oh so much better.
    It's a shame this will never happen, while greed, power and money run the show.
    For now the rest of humanity will just have to go with the flow.
    Forever in the darkness, not knowing what's going on.
    The truths around the corner, oh actually wait it's gone.
    This is not how it's supposed to be, no one's should be in control.
    A revolution is much needed humanity is stuck in a hold.