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    Ten minutes is
    what you get
    ten minutes to
    write a poem
    and in the process
    if you end up
    saving your soul
    so be it.

    Nine minutes left
    and you'd better
    start putting pen
    to the paper
    words to the page
    thoughts are just
    that, thoughts
    they don't become
    anything until you
    write them down.

    Seven minutes to go
    as your eyes steal
    a glance at the clock
    this is a race
    and there's no
    hiding place
    as all your
    pleas for grace
    will fall on ears
    who have shut
    their minds to truth.

    Three minutes and
    your heart is beating
    with a wildness you
    never thought was possible
    your breaths threaten
    to burst from your
    skin as you flail
    for words like a
    dying man clutching
    fiercely to life.

    Sixty seconds and
    you start the countdown
    in your head, lips
    moving silently and
    elegantly as you
    pour the last of
    your soul into
    hitherto, a void
    and watch the
    birth of a poem.

    - Avitaj

    @writersbay #wordc Guess my favorite word :p
    Update: my favorite word is "grace"
    @dopamine @greypages_ @thegreymetaphor

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    Ten minutes is all you get