• erraticpsyche 6w

    Its every year that December in India is cold
    When parents/loved ones tell us to wear warm clothes & not act bold;

    Every year filled in news that Delhi's smog breaks the ten year chart line;
    The delights of Kashmir/Srinagar's snowfall are in highlights;
    And the cricket enthusiasm are super tight...

    This year I expected the same
    As the december set about, the winter did arrive

    But something in did tag the wintery sights were the wraths of the cold chains that could be felt, even after being in all my might...

    The cold chains that, I thought were freed by warriors like Bhagat Singh,Mahatma Gandhi & Subhas Chandra Bose...
    The chains again did caught hold.

    The feeling of being unprotected living in our own home...
    Wanting someone to save our soul from the terror of living created as a whole

    Its time were people are clashing to get their common rights
    The country which was created is burning into ashes, day and night

    Where the referred "future of the country" are beaten for pleading the government, for changing the dark future that they foresight

    Where children who were born and nurtured by this holy land
    Are questioned what are their rights ?

    Where the people had to suffer the burden which may exceed his own capable mights...

    The cracks of anti-secularism which was healing with time are again opening wide creating hate within people's mind

    Ravishing the future we hoped of the greatest of all India in our mind...
    But seeing the actions the goal tend to get blurry gradually time by time;

    Why can't we live our peaceful live ?

    Why can't people have their basic necessities of life ?

    Why can't we keep the fire of secularism burning inside ?

    Cause I want people to feel again the pride,
    When we used to share those secular posts on social with pride...
    With caption"My India is the best place to live in.." in our heart and mind