• infamous_ 5w


    I sometimes think "do I really matter?"
    All those times you know we did chatter;
    Taking about love happiness
    I took you as a queen for real, your highness.
    Didn't I make you laugh?
    When times for you were rough?
    Didn't I take out time
    Even when I knew you weren't mine?
    Wasn't all that karma?
    Or, was it all your drama?
    Don't worry, it's not me who's going to suffer
    It will just make me a bit tougher,
    It is you who would never know
    They're was someone who loved you so.
    Your thoughts alone are enough for me,
    Your presence in my heart I do feel;
    All these don't happen on their own
    It happens when love for one is known;
    But why am I telling you all this,
    After all, there's nothing in me for you to miss.