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    It's overwhelming to be appreciated by someone you haven't met or haven't known yet. Months ago, found this app lurking on my playstore. The same month that I see myself in a chaotic situation, and I just needed something that would get me busy for a while. I really am no writer. I'm just a bored college girl stucked in my room during the quarantine period. That's why I don't engage much. All I wanted was to express myself by writing, not minding if someone had appreciated my works. And y'all might find that mean, yet truth is, I find it hard, thanking everybody when I myself questioned my worth. That said, you can say I am a professional overthinker.

    But to you, who have seen the best in me, that myself failed to see, know that you are a precious and a blessing. I already have too much in my cup now to continue writing. Thanks to all of you for being such an inspiration to the aspiring Mirakee World Artists. Your sweet and pleasant words mean a lot to us.

    @say_me_krish, Superb and grateful forever because of a writer like you.

    The hidden side of Me||

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